Sunday, January 30, 2011

honest scrap award.

thank you to whomever gave this to me in the first place. it was a while ago, so im sorry i dont remember.

ten facts:
1. i was born in russia. i have lived in connecticut, canada, and now reside in georgia.
2. i am not a citizen of the u.s. i do have a greencard though.
3. i used to ice skate really well. i want to try again, but im afraid its too late. i dance now.
4. im good at math.
5. i have several strange pet peeves. one being, i hate it when people eat in their cars, especially fast food. it disgusts me.
6. i love crunches.
7. im probably addicted to cigarettes.
8. im addicted to baking, and it sucks because i binge every time.
9. i want to be an actress. im starting in acting class in the end of february.
10. im afraid.

and i can say i can pick 5 people for this award. you all are too lovely. and i would give it to all of you, but i personally was afraid to even make this post. i hate thinking about myself and who i am, so i shall spare you the act.

p.s. i dont know what im doing. im not going to write another post for a while. im trying to figure stuff out.


  1. You're from Russia? I though you had an eclectic look to you:) that's pretty cool. Ending up in Georgia is a bit random lol

    You will be missed, I hope you figure things out & you're okay<3
    We all get a little lost sometimes, I stay lost.. It can drive you mad, I completely understand.

  2. Hope you're doing well. I missed ya!

  3. russia? cool!! i always wished i could ice skate well but alas i'm a bit of a fail...the 2 or 3 times in my life i have tried i've kind of just scuttled along and managed to glide by the end but i never took to it naturally. i bet you're still amazing!
    i hope you figure things out soon hun. stay strong xx

  4. You're just lovely and I adore the socks off of you! Very evious of the skating and math. I hate it when people eat in their cars too! Ugh! As for the acting course, 'break a leg', I believe is the correct expression! Take as much time as you need, Sweetie. <3. XXX.

  5. I bet you would pick up ice skating pretty quickly if you started again. Definitely not too late.

    That's funny about the eating in cars thing. I dunno why, but I LOVE eating in the car. It's like a comfort thing on long car trips. It is gross, though; so I won't let anyone else eat in my car. :/

    I hope you get things figured out. <3