Thursday, March 31, 2011

hello dears!

today was day three. 400 cal.
i had around 375, with very little fat.

i need to start doing cardio though...
my tummy flab needs to go away faster. haha.
today i noticed that my "thigh gap" is starting to show more...
i bet everything will look better at 120.
weighed in at 129 this morning, then 128.5 after school.

i went grocery shopping for a ton of fruits and veggies. i thought watermelon was low cal and good for you... but who the fuck knew that one slice was 80 cal! FUCK. ME. :P

other than that, im doing alright.
i didnt see matthew today. :(.
but ill probably skip school on friday, and probably hang out with him.

i love you guys, and im sorry if i havent seen your blog yet, ive only been commenting on those who comment on mine... but im trying to get to more, promise.
stay lovely.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i started the abc.

with an ana friend. (:
i just finished day two, but i cant sleep so im finally posting.
i weighed in at 130 tonight and will probably and hopefully be in the 120s tomorrow.

story time!
theres been drama in the drifters.
friday night: verbal standoff.
saturday afternoon: my friend got (sucker) punched in the face.
this is why i was stressed all weekend.
and the person who punched him was spreading stuff like he beat him down, when in reality he ran away afterwards like a priss.

but we've decided to just forget it. its over.
but my problem is, my brother is on the puncher's side. i am not.
we almost got into an argument on saturday about it which was slightly irritating.

my irl ana friend is starting this business again, i promised to keep her secret, but i feel bad for her boyfriend.
im planning on keeping this from matt for as long as possible, until it gets obvious.
speaking of matt, im kinda irked with our relationship at the moment.
he never initiate conversations via text or asks to hang out.
i have to blatantly say, hey, im free and i want to do something.
i just want him to take initiative and think of something to do. is that too much to ask?!
i suppose it is. hmph, boys.

well, im off to finally catch up on comments and posts (hopefully, but probably not. :P) since i cant sleep.
love you! and hope you're all doing well. (:

Saturday, March 26, 2011

so i see its ben ten days since my last post.

and i miss you all!
ive realized that im a pretty boring person.
so i wont be posting as much,
but you can always email me or text me.
info on the side.

ive had good days and bad days this week.
i currently weigh in at 130.5,
as of this morning.

my intakes have been all over the place,
nothing to enough for an morbidly obese man to gain 100 pounds.
but somehow that number went down,
and for that im happy.
well, maybe it because i woke up at 4 pm today...
but no matter!

i see i have received an award from some awesome people
thank you to PollyAnna and Dragonfly and Sarah.
1. i currently have a boyfriend who is 19 (even though we're not really speaking right now, oh and i spilt coke in his car last night *whoops*)
2. im from russia, and i dont have a russian accent.
3. i miss ice skating like a mofo.
4. my best friend likes to cause trouble in the drifter/metalhead friend group, she can twirl them around her finger and she knows it, but i cant tell her to stop hurting them.
5. my room is purple, i have a purple shag rug, and my favourite colour is indeed purple
6. ive been a vegetarian for almost a year.
7. pride and prejudice is my favourite movie; i was born in the wrong era (you know, it was acceptable for women not to eat back then.)

now for a hand off:
1-3. obviously the ones that gave this award to me int he first place.
5. zette
6. Cinnamon Brown (:
7. Meg
oh, goodness, ive suddenly been hit with the plague of tiredness.
this happens so often, which is why i dont post much anymore.
i was even going to tell you about yesterday!
ugh, okay, i would like to give this award to everyone on here struggling, and trynig to find their true selves and body in whatever form they are using.
i love you all.

ill post again soon.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

my first good day in a while

im sorry i havent been around.
ill try to catch up as best as i can.
i had around 220 (overestimating) today.
ill tell you my weight once im vaguely satisfied with it.
thank you to everyone's support.
i love you all.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

dont be worried.

im just not on the path i want to be on right now.
ill be back when im falling again.
soon, please.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

day one complete.

i fasted today.

made a soy vanilla latte (45)
and that is the extent of my intake.

im going to tell you guys my weight.
just so you can see how the 10 days go.
i was 133 this morning,
and 130.5 before my shower...
so you can tell how much ive been eating lately :P
*bad sofia*

but im feeling pretty good.
i dont know what im going to do tomorrow,
but im gonna make a plan before i go to sleep.
so i dont get overwhelmed tomorrow.

thank you to all the lovely ladies joining me.
good luck, we can all do it.

Eibbroc:: i read wasted online.
heres the link.

becoming vegan and junk food-free really limits my food choices.
im kinda glad i wasnt eating today,
because i would be like like wtf and fail miserably.

have a lovely day.

day one/thirty weight loss challenge
(ill post the full thing tomorrow)
day one::your stats

cw:130.5(as of an hour ago)

january 12th, 2011. 131.
neck: 12 1/8
bust: 35.5
waist: 27
hips: 34
butt: 36.25
thighs: 36.75

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


im gonna be honest with you and say i haven't started yet,
tomorrow will be the first official day of my ten day challenge,
im also going vegan tomorrow...
oh, and i can drink soda again,
which should make fasting quite a bit easier.

thank you to everyone complimenting me on my vlog.
i really love you guys.