Friday, January 28, 2011

i live off diet coke and tears.

no seriously,
that is how i lived today.

todays weigh-in:
QUITE irritated.


with 3 hours of sleep i went to school,
took two tests,
and pretended to listen.

i then went home,
and took a three hour nap.
oh how i love naps.

i went to dance,
received a lot of compliments,
and i was like. oh, wow thanks.
then i went to the gym
(day 4/21! getting there!)
ellipticalized and then started biking.
about 10 minutes into my bike workout,
a man comes up to me.
i recognized him from when i used to go to the gym when i was 10 for ice skating.
he asks, are you a model?
i think, are you kidding?
i say, oh no im not.
he says, well you should, i thought you were.
and then he proceeds to ask me about school.
it was nice.
but i was like, LIES.

i just got a call from my friend,
apparently, she hasnt been eating in three days.
and she dropped to 126.
she weighed 135 like last week or the week before.
fml, i hate her and her asian metabolism.

ill be lower tomorrow...
and the next day...
and the next...
until i disappear....

p.s. after the guy asked me about modeling or whatnot,
i proceeded to think...
maybe 100 is a better goal.
oh god, what am i doing...
you know, if i believed in god that comment would make sense.


  1. Tell me why is there a rubios advertisement on your blog. LOL daniel was asking me if I wanted rubios and I went on their website to see the nutritional information (haven't ate out in a long time), I notice ads now pick up what you search. Anyways, I am so jealous that you got to live off of diet coke and tears. As wierd as it sounds, I love the feeling of tears. Anyways, don't worry about your asian friend, everyone has different bodies and we just gotta work with what we have. <33

  2. wooooo what a compliment!! i'm sure it was completely warranted :)
    dw i'm sure you'll get under that 128 mark soon xx

  3. What a lovely compliment! Take what you can from it (happiness and motivation) instead of thinking he had an ulterior motive - I know it's hard!


  4. yum.
    Maybe not to the tears tho.
    Sorry you're feeling sad, but I'll bet that guy meant it!
    You sexy model girl you xxxx

  5. Tears have been my friend lately. Haha, it gets out alot of stress. Diet coke <3

    Good job for going to the gym and what not too :)

    & I know with those compliments, we usually think they're lies. But considering you didn't really know this guy? He probably did think you're model quality. I used to get those compliments too, and i'd just blow them off. But really, take it. And let it boost your self esteem :)

    Stay strong, girl :)

  6. Model!!! <3 you should take that as a reason to substitute the tears with smiles :)