Sunday, January 23, 2011

be good to your body.

your body doesnt need massive amounts of fat, carbs, and sodium.
why are you giving your body all these bad things?
you have one body your entire life.
treat it well.

(this stemmed from the fact that
i believe that basically all binges are psychological.)

todays weigh-in:
129 lb.

day two went alright with:
365 cal. all veggies.
day three ended with:
385 cal. fruits and veggies.

i dont have a lot to say again. haha.
my life has gotten quite a bit boring with the start of school.
i went out to dinner last night with a my friends.
the friend i asked to set me up with someone, her boy, matt (DRIFERBOYY(: ) and this other dude.
i didnt eat... because this would be hard to explain. haha.
i just sat there drinking my lemon water, and fidgeting. as always.
hes cute. and nice. like, when i said i was cold, (as always),
he gave me his jacket even though i was already wearing one.
and he only had on a short sleeve tshirt. i felt bad. haha.

im texting him right now. (:

i think thats all.
sorry i didnt post yesterday.
i was super tired,
and my mom like to yell at me every second im home.
later girllieesss.

p.s. i feel lonely too often.


  1. aw thats cute! a new boy :)
    129. :D
    you're in the 120's. nicee. :)

  2. Well done, 129! You go, girl!

    Three cheers for the new guy! <3. XXX.

  3. Great with a new guy, girl. It's always sweet when the guy give his jacket :p

    No you are not alone at all. <3 But I know the feeling. :s

  4. Hi Sofia, I'm Emma.

    You've made so much progress! Very inspiring.
    It's so cute that he gave you his jacket. :)

  5. wooo congrats on the 129:D!

    Also, glad to see you've found another guy that can make you smile! He sounds like a sweetie.


    and horay for new boys!!!

  7. So true! All binges must be psychological it only makes sense. I just wish I had the power to stop those urges. Lol.

    Good luck with the new boy! He sounds really sweet.

    Let me know how the GM ends up and how much you lose! I really need to do it eventually. Just a question, have you been eating a lot of the soup and stuff?

  8. 129--129--129!!!!!!!

    You're doing so great, love.
    Good job on the calorie intake also! Keep doing what you're doing,

    lots of love,