Monday, January 3, 2011

"i didnt eat for three days, so i could be lovely."

a diet to try soon.
thank you, cassie.

i guess now is the time when i describe my new years.
lets just start with it went from good to awful to drunk REAL fast.

it started with me baking up my vegan storm,
brownies were by far the best part.
(even though they gave me a blister from chocolate cutting. :P )

ryan picked me up and we went to his house,
and did stuff and played a bit of guitar hero.
then we went to wills.
first off, he wasnt there, so we chilled with his brother for a bit.
then when he came back with m and s,
ryan told him we were hooking up,
we hadnt told him, obviously, and he fucking blew up.

he claimed he loved me,
he said all this shit,
he kissed me,
he just tried too hard,
and then he kicked us out.
at 12:01 am. perfect, right?

i then asked ryan to drive me home,
i was in a bad state,
i started burning myself with my lighter,
then ryan started getting concerned with me,
we ended up going somewhere,
getting yelled at for being there,
and then went back to my house.
(my parents had russian company over :P, awk)
then he had to leave.

i started drinking,
and eating,
and im not surprised that i gained.

i hated it.
i will not allow drama in 2011,
dramatic boys can go suck their own fucking dick.
since all that technically happened in 2010,
i will let it be.

its a new year.

1. get underweight. fuck it, its what i want.
2. become vegan for at least a month.
3. junk food / soda free for a month.
3. try 5 new things.
4. get all As and Bs, with majority As.

im going to start the gm diet tomorrow.
altered ofc, due to my being a vegetarian.
that will be interesting.
... will make a shopping list now.

stay lovely.


  1. sorry you had a shitty New Years Eve.
    And I lovelovelove Cassie, that is deffo one we should try!
    love you xxx

  2. Sorry about your new years eve, but you have the right attitude about it. It was 2010, and now we all have a new year, 2011, to make everything so much better.
    Should also have started the gm diet today, but i try a 5 days liquid fast first, and then the 7 days gm diet.
    -Thank you for det comments hon' I'm feeling so much better today. So my fast is going good so far :)
    Stay strong <3

  3. Sorry about the holiday! I like your resolutions though. :) Stay strong.

    Konrad <3

  4. great resolutions :)
    sorry u had a shit new years eve..
    but yeee out with the old and in with the new..
    2011 is ourr year ;) stay strong <3

  5. Wow, sounds like a crazy night! Thankfully it's over now, and we have a new year. Good luck with all the resolutions. I believe in you!! :D

  6. guys suck :(
    Sorry you had such a rough night.
    Don't feel too bad about the eating, everyone needs an off day every now and again and I think in this case you earned it.

    Good luck with your resolutions <3

  7. screw boys! who needs them anyways :)
    sorry about your crap new years :(
    but good luck with your resolutions! <333