Friday, January 14, 2011

when i grow up, im gonna have my own bakery.

i miss baking so much...
i should never have started.
(this bakery will be a bakery/gym combo, most definitely)

today's weigh-in:
133 lb.
as predicted.

1/2 cups of kefir (70) with vitamins and diet pill.
[[edit: i broke my fast, im estimating 380-120=260 cal.]]

i hate hurting people,
which is why im thinking about leaving ryan,
we're not even anything yet.
so it would be okay,
but im so dependent...
and confused.
he makes me so happy,
but i make him so sad. :/

... i cant believe i wrote that this morning.

yeah, so today i baked.
so kill me, but i didnt have any.
i made chocolate chip muffins,
nothing fancy.
forgive me in advance for the photos.

and some with cherries...

hey, look! its me! in an apron! forgive the bulgy-ness.

moose apron!

i dont really have much to say...
fast went alright today.
i did drink though.
so theres some cals,
but i didnt have much.

stay lovely.
(to make up for the muffin pictures (: )


  1. OMG, those totally look like my sort of muffins! Chocolate and cherry, what's not to love?!

    You must have super heavy bones or something, because you look tiny! I want that apron!

    Lovely thinspo! Have a great day today! <3. XXX.

  2. ooooh muffins.
    *goes off into a dream world of muffiny goodness*
    And I'm sorry you feel that way about Ryan.
    If he makes you happy you should stick with him!

  3. I love your moose apron!! you look so good. jealous*

  4. A bakery/ gym is a genius! I'm so there ;)

  5. Oh, I'm glad I found you again.
    I love you. X

  6. I love baking too and I do eat some of it but I don't like having my creations lying around the house for too long incase I have an urge to binge. So I pass them on to other people!

    I would love to own a cafe, which is involves some baking. I want a cafe/library so people can stay and read and buy more coffee and muffins!