my skin

this one i thought was pretty clever.
because the skin constantly is renewing itself and such.
this is my diets and resolutions, etc.

the current diet:
nothing specific.

past diets: 
1. the gm diet: basically i hated this, because i love fruit and i didnt lose a lot (131 to 128). i guess my body just doesnt like this one. (description).

diets to try in the future: 
the russian gymnast diet.
The diet is very simple and is meant to help produce a quick and severe weight loss within a week. This is not meant as an ongoing weight loss or maintenance program. The diet allows for three meals: Breakfast (consisting of either a glass of orange juice or a slice of calorie-reduced bread; a large cup of black coffee can also be consumed), Lunch (a fruit salad or a medium apple) and Dinner (8 baby carrots or a green apple). Non-carbonated drinks with no calories can be had without limits.
cassie's "i didnt eat for three days so i could be lovely" diet.
special k diet. 
metabolism boosting diet.
oatmeal diet: eat one packet of oatmeal for each meal (i use quaker low sugar because it has the fewest calories) and only drink water. 

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