Tuesday, January 25, 2011

blah blah blah. thats what i sound like in my own head.

i forgot to tell you guys.
yesterday, i almost blacked out in the hallway.
my mom was behind me...
she asks, whats wrong?
i say, headache.
she continues, you havent been eating enough. what do you want to be, 100 pounds?
i say, no no... thats too little.
she responds, so you do want to be a certain weight!
i, speaking as i walk out, i dont know what youre talking about.
baahhhhh. irritating.

todays weigh-in:
128 lb.

today was actually interesting.
i couldnt finish the tomatoes i put out for myself to eat.
i had 2 fake chicken things (73) + 2 serves fake sausage (120) + four tomatoes (100)
[[i cheated a little-- bread thing (round up to 100)]]
today is day one of twenty one days to everyday gyming.
i went to ballet (approx. -200) then with elliptical and bike (-250)

for those asking im on the gm diet,
details are in the "my skin" tab.
speaking of tabs,
i made a new one: "my hatehandles"
this is my exercise diary.

speaking of new things:
i made an aim, to izzy's request.
toaskinnysofia. (:

to clarify, i already knew she was ana.
i thought she was "recovered: so i didnt really bring it up.
but shes struggling, so i decided to put in my two cents.
even though shes been at it way longer than i have.

shhhh.... this morning i waked and baked.
i prevailed over the munchies!
go me!

and now i say farewell,
because i am tired.


  1. great job of prevailing all munchies!!! I haven't smoked in a little while because I know I will raid the fridge.

  2. Dude I never get the munchies, it's great. But I drunk eat EVERYTIME. That freaking sucks

  3. Thanks for the comment :)
    Oh man i get the munchies all the time especially after dinner and i dont know how to not give in :/

  4. Well done 128! I'm so proud of you. So glad you're on AIM. I'll add you to my buddies! <3. XXX.

  5. Girl, you've been a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! You are indeed stronger than the food, love!!

    Lots of love,

  6. the black out thing is kinda scary. but i'm sure it'll pass :)
    you are so super strong, keep it up :) this time, i know you can see the gm all the way through and you'll be so super skinny


  7. Good job on the munchies!! That's why I only smoke at night, right before bed. That, and the fact that if I smoked earlier, I would just fall asleep. :/

    Sounds like you're doing awesome on the gm diet!