Saturday, January 15, 2011

i fell into the pit of demons.

and theyre eating me alive.
i wont let let them start eating you too,
i cant.

i updated my measurements a couple days ago.

i should be used to disappointment.

to everyone the usually texts me,
i turned off my phone.
i cant, i just cant talk to anyone.

im in pain.
but i dont feel anything.

i hope im happier next time i post,
you guys dont deserve this.

i dont deserve food,
i dont deserve happiness,
im completely worthless.

maybe if i was skinnier he would have remembered.



  1. I'm with you, my friend. We can let the demons get us together! I don't mind being eaten, if I'm with a friend! You're the best, Babe. Feel better when you're damn good and ready and take as long as you need. Love you lots. XXX.

  2. hold yourself together hun <3333