Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i dont want you to get lost inside my mind.

i dont know what to do.
im afraid...
im afraid of eating,
im afraid of letting ryan in,
i trust him,
but if i start telling him my thoughts...
then he'll get lost inside of them,
and i dont want to make him sad,
he doesnt deserve that.

todays weigh-in:
133 lb.

fasted until 9 pm est.
that makes 46 hours,
my new longest fast.
had kefir (70) in the morning,
and then for dinner (breaking the fast) i had...
romaine leaves with mustard (10) + soup (60) + 2 chips (29) = dinner (99)
thats less than yesterday!
and i ate, haha.
oh, and i only ate the chips because i was craving them,
but i had two then walked away...
moderation, ayyee?
and plus, i am so ridiculously full right now.

i dont really have much to write about.
i walked 2.5 miles today in the icey snow.
i saw ryan. (:
im in a weird mood.

i really dont have much to say.
other than i love fasting.



  1. Wow good job on the fast:D!! That's awesome! You lost like 3 pounds! Amazing. I plan on doing a 2-3 day fast once I get back from Vegas then starting the ABC!

    Good job on the moderation too:) that's always hard after a fast! Glad you got to see Ryan today, he seems to make you rather happy & giddy:)

  2. Hey water weight is better than no weight at all :D! I'd still be excited.
    & as long as he makes you happy that's all that matters, I miss having someone around that makes me feel like that & to share things with!

    Don't binge!! You have worked so hard the past couple of days!! You're strong, you got this :)

  3. congrats on the fast. and yes you do need to try acid lol, though make sure it's with people you like. being in a bad environment can make you up nasty vibes making it a bad trip, not nice

  4. Well done, sofia, I'm so proud of you! Thanks for the birthday wishes. Heaps of love! <3. XXX.

  5. well done! thats great, and well done on only having two chips! stay strong <3 p.s sorry i havent got around to emailing you msn is playing up but will soon i promise! x

  6. great job on the fasting!
    i'm glad you are in a good mood :)