my appendix

now its time for life goals!

01. dye my hair red.
02. get a russian accent (which i should have anyway)
03. become fluent in russian (which i should be anyway)
04. play the guitar well.
05. reach my lowest healthy weight: 125.
06. visit amsterdam.
07. go on a tour of europe in general.
08. buy something floral.
09. dress up for an entire week.
10. learn to play the piano well.
11. move out of my parents house.
12. learn to write in calligraphy then proceed to buy an ink pot and a quill and write correspondence in that.
13. be ambidextrous.
14. learn to do a basic yoga and pilates routine by heart. 
15. be underweight.
16. not wear a tshirt for an entire month.
17. learn to play the harp. 
18. learn a japanese tea ceremony.
19. have my own vegetable/fruit garden.
20. learn everything about zodiac symbols and traits.
21. know rock properties.

[[these are just some things off the top of my head. i will update them all the time.]]


  1. I share like 11 of those goals
    and I have already accomplished like 2 of them

    just saying.. haha

  2. My ultimate goal is to dye my hair red. O_O
    Ima do it when I become somewhat less ugly c:

  3. Are you Russian?? I just started taking it last semester. I've taken a few languages before, but it's definitely my favorite and my goal is to be able to read Gogol, etc. in Russian.

    And I second the red hair thing. I'm not sure if I'd ever be brave enough to actually do it, but I always did wish I were a redhead...

    And learning how to play the harp would be so badass!

    And pretty much your entire list is awesome haha :)