Wednesday, January 5, 2011

gm diet: day three: fruits and vegetables (no bananas)

the day started off disappointing with this...

todays weigh-in:
134 lb.

clementine (35)
1 1/2 apple (120)
1/4 cantaloupe (50)
51 blueberries (40)
russian salad (125)
cucumber and tomato salad (50)
1.5 mile walk (-100)

320 cal.

but, i woke up to this text:
"good morning pretty girl"

today i wore a shirt with a zipper that goes all the way down,
its quite kinky. and i like it. ;D
and so did ryan, haha.

chewing and spitting is weird.

today ryan texted me...
"im glad your[e] working out instead of not eating"
first, what the fuck is that supposed to mean.
second, if only he knew i was doing both.
and third, my decisions are my decisions,
speculation is not necessary.
although, i guess it's what i get for telling him anything.

im always cold now,
someone says its hot in class,
and i whisper "im freezing."

i hope i see a change on the scale tomorrow.

why does my mother expect so much out of me?
she does whatever to make my screwup brother happy,
and yet i get yelled at for a c in an APCLASS.
i mean, fuck her.
i love my brother, but it just isnt fair.

i might be in a bad mood,
but im okay.

stay lovely.


  1. That text is a great way to start the day!

    Chewing and spitting IS rather weird! At the very least, he cares!

    I think most girls have that from their mothers when they have brothers. I know my mother worshipped my brother, but gave me an eating disorder! See now why I haven't talked to her in 12 years?!

    Don't worry about being in a bad mood, it happens to the best of us. Stay sweet, li'l peach! <3. XXX.

  2. What a beautiful text, atleast you know by his comment that he cares about you. Chewing and spitting is rather weird, sometimes when I do it I'm so tempted to just not spi the food out. I'm always cold too, my hands and feet are like ice blocks, so your not alone. Don't let your mum get you down too much, just ignore her, it's your life you can do what you want. xxxx

  3. Don't stress about not losing anything from yesterday, I'm sure tomorrow you will see a loss:)

    Waking up to sweet text messages are the best<3

    Chewing & spitting is weird, but I've been guilty of doing it on many occasions.

    Speculation is annoying, but look on the bright side...he thinks your doing better or getting better. I'd let him keep thinking so;). No need to make him worry more.

    Is your brother younger than you? My younger sister gets babied all the time, while I get bitched at for the littlest mistake, it's rather annoying.

  4. Sorry about your mother. Mine is the same. I thought she was getting better as I got older, but she's fallen back into the habit of expecting miracles from me, while expecting nothing from my siblings.

    Hope the GM diet is going well. <3

  5. I'm sure the scale will recognize your hard work soon! It looks like you've been doing an AMAZING job with intake. stay strong pretty girl!

  6. aww that text even made me smile! soo cute.
    you've been doing amazing! the scales will notice that soon! I promise stay strong <3