Friday, January 21, 2011

"im going in for the kill. im doing it for a thrill."

i dont really have much to say. day one went fantastically. i love the fruit days. (: 131 this morning. i should be in the 120s again tomorrow.

if you would like to amuse yourself and have some spare time, please take a little look at my formspring. dont worry! im not hurt by anything said. ive grown a tough skin recently.... (maybe).

i went to hiphop today. i received compliments... it was silly. also, i got singled out for doing something right, woot! who would have thought i could do something right! amazing, i know. (:

this is the picture i wanted to show yesterday, i saw it on tumblr.
if everyones hands are different... why are weights/measurements the same... i dont understand.
i get that this is just a basic guideline, but i thought i would share.

until tomorrow, my lovelies.

p.s. i know most of my thinspo is legs, im sorry! i cant help it! im gap-sessed.


  1. I LOVE leg thinspo. Gosh I just want that gap so bad. Good job on day one and good luck tomorrow!!

  2. It always feels great to be singled out for doing something right, but I'm sure you can do a lot of things right. :)

  3. Hey Babe!

    I really do hate it when people generalise! Good chart, though. Nice pic on your formspring, you look super posh! Awesome thinspo, as always. Love you. Enjoy your day. <3. XXX.

  4. yeah I'm sure that hand measurements thing can't b right!
    Still pretty cool tho, and probs good for a rough guess.
    Well done on day one of your diet! Keep it up xxx

  5. lol i just stalked your photobooth thing like crazy.... hahahaha im not a creep or anything...
    but you look like amanda bynes, like a lot. Except prettier and much cooler.

    thanks for the chart! (even if inaccurate, but whatever) <3

  6. you'll be in the 120's in no time! :D

  7. Oh, I just LOVE the chart! And your pictures... so beautiful. Never in my life have I had my legs not touch, and now I'm so obsessed with having a gap between my thighs that it's not even healthy :D.

    Looking forward to your next post, hun!

    Lots of love,