Wednesday, January 26, 2011

another bland day.

another bland outlook.

todays weigh-in:
128 lb.
again. :(. even with a negative intake. :((.

2 fake chicken pieces (73)
salsa (25)
salad (50)
fake beef (60)
jazz (-200)
elliptical (-250)
stationary bike (-50)
-292 cal.
i better fucking lose.

this gm is pissing me off.
im gonna complete it,
but im sure as hell not gonna do it again...
although it has kept me from binging.
but i have barely lost anything?!!?
i dont get it. this is my second negative intake day...
maybe i need to eat more to boost my metabolism?
idk, ill figure it out after my fast day on thursday.
then im baking friday and saturday. :P
its a bad addiction.

i get out of school early tomorrow.
1245 pm.
dont know whether im staying.
for film club, for study session...
maybe ill ask matt if he wants to hang out?
he is free, after all.

im getting boring.
day 2/21 days of the gym is over.
today was easier, i think.
i get cold very easily, and for some reason...
i was working out and sweating...
and i was cold.
ahh dunn gett ittt.

any tips on remaining sane?
please help in the comments. (:
stay lovely.

so i will work at it until i do, aye?


  1. Yeah you may be maintaining because your body is holding on to everything because you're not eating enough. Try to eat every couple of hours (just a little even will help). Also are you drinking plenty of liquids? Lots of water/diet green tea should help too.

    21 days in the gym? Shew, I wish I could do that:( not enough hours in the day sadly. Or maybe I'm just a lazy ass, keep up the good work:).

    Staying sane? I'm afraid I can't be of much help in that area. The only thing that keeps me from spontaneously combusting is blogging everyday/every other day, depressing. Surround yourself around good people... my older sister & Nana keep me from falling off the deep end too, along with focusing on my studies. Hopefully this is a little helpful? lol stay lovely<3

  2. tip to stay calm:
    when you dont lose weight when you were really looking forward to it, just think that you couldnt lose the pound because it's waiting to take a friend with it! haha :)
    good luck <3

  3. Ahaha, I'm the expert on insanity. :D No tips here, sorry!

  4. I don't know about tips about keeping you sane I have no skill in that area myself. However, if your are worried about metabolism vitamin B boosts it. Like a super B vitamin complex. You can buy them at most drug stores or anywhere that sells vitamins.
    much love
    stay strong
    Sorry your aren't losing as fast as you wish to think positive though ~ you are losing.

  5. hey hun thank you for all your lovely comments!! i was wondering why i didn't find a recent update from you and then discovered you have moved. you're doing so so well. i'm sure you'll lose tomorrow. i know you must be feeling weak and tired with those negative intakes - take care of yourself ok?
    stay strong x

  6. You won't keep maintaining for long, it will drop. I think if you can get through the fast day you'll definitely see the benefits!
    Afraid no girls like us can actually be classed as 'sane', so that's probably something you shouldn't expect to maintain, haha. Just stay strong sweetie and try not to lose yourself.
    Those pictures are incredibly gorgeous!

  7. "Insanity is my only means of relaxation!" Thomas Szas. Sanity's for the birds, darling! Hang in there, you're doing well. Remember that, young grasshopper! Just be patient and breathe. <3. XXX.

  8. at least you're gonna finish gm this time. and if it doesn't work then you'll know you gave it a shot and it just simply isn't right for you. i hope all gets better real soon

  9. Tips on remaining sane? Can't help you there. Me and the insanity are big buds now. :D

    Intake and exercise sounds like you're doing well--you'll start losing!


  10. I'd say really take advantage of eating as much beef and veggies as you want. If you're a veggie, than soy subst. is fine too. But I think after 2 negative intake days you may need to eat a few hundred more calories to get your metabolism moving again. Also, trying going #2, that takes off like 2-3 lbs!