Monday, January 10, 2011

day three: your parents.

dear mommy and daddy,
i wish i could tell you more about my life. i wish i could be more honest with you. i wish i could tell you i was depressed, but i know you see it. you just dont know what to do and that's alright.
im sorry that it looks like im trying to push you away. i kind of am. i hate being at home, and the reson for this i do not know. i just feel so choked here, like everything has to be prim and proper and i cant do the shit i want to do.
i like smoking. ive done it more than once. i yelled at you a lot back then because i was smoking everyday, thats why i acted to sketch all the time.
mom, dont blame yourself for my change. it would have happened sooner or later. i just needed to be free, and the vacation you took gave me that.
daddy, i dont like it that youre so religious. it makes me feel like everything i do is wrong. and i dont like it, and that is probably why i dont like to talk to you so much. im sorry.
i like sinning.
but basically, i love you.

todays weigh-in:
134 lb.
i think i drank too much chardonnay.

today i went to the world of coke,
too much soda. :P

i have a snow day tomorrow.

i dont really have much to say...

im not baking until i hit 125,
(i baked again today, fml)
theres so much i want to make!
so that must be soon.
i would restart the gm,
but im going on a date next saturday,
so i would have to break it.
so maybe abc?... maybe.

im happier today.
well, kinda.

i hate food.


  1. Read this, it's one of my favourites!

    ABC sounds good. I found this online, tell me what you think.

  2. I was actually thinking about starting the ABC soon, but I think I'm gonna start in next Monday. I don't wanna completely screw it up this time.

    Your note to your parents is sad, it's sweet but sad. I wish I could write a letter like this & actually have the guts to send it to them.

    We're all sinning.

  3. Good luck with your fast! I live in Tennessee haha where do you live?!
    We could possibly live close! But then again I hear a few places are getting hit with these snow storms!

  4. O wow we do live pretty close!! I'm 3ish hours from Atlanta! Atlanta got hit hard!!