Monday, August 23, 2010


145 again.

didnt see my boo today. frowneeyyy.

im gonna do some crunches.
i dont feel like doing anything else.

i want to see my baby.

we've only been dating a week.
but it feels like so much more.
i think im falling head over heels.
and i dont know how to stop it.
and i dont know if i like it.


what ive had today:
-hot pocket = 330.
-bits of tomatoes, pretzels, apple = 110.
-vegetarian quesadilla = 450.
total: 890.

hung out with R from 3-7ish.
then hung out with my boo and his brother.

i reaaaallly like him.

i want to get in shape for him and his skinny ass.
haha. xP

loves. (:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

-26.5. SHHIITT.


kill me.

i ate so much because i was sad and worried cuz of my boy.

i went to the gym yesterday too. which is why im confused.

oh well. ill just run 2 miles today and do a bunch of crunches.

yesterday i did 100.

i think ill do the same today.

i say this as im about to eat a hot pocket.

that 330 cal of fml.

BUT. there is salad leaves in the fridge and ill just eat those the rest of the day.

okay, good plan. bye. (:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


woke up, weighed meself.
i never thought id get here.
haha. i have a bit left to go. (:

i gots myself a new boy.
hes so much better than d.
his name startes with a z.
he's mah boo. (:

and that is all,
ive been eating like shit lately.
and i think im starting to get fat skinny.
so i need to get myself to the gym.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


just weighed myself.

to tell you the truth... was NOT expecting this.

i have been quite active lately.
on account that i refuse to believe summer is over.

but idk.

like its hell to go to school and not have one of those damn cookies.
but those cookies are 800 calories.
and thats fucking... INSANE.

on a more personal note,
since D got back together with his ex.
i have found someone new.
well actually, he isnt new.
ive wanted to kiss him for a while.
haha. so thats what i did last night.

i hope everyone out there trying to lose weight
is doing well.
and to everyone else,
i hope youre doing well too.

ive been really good since last saturday,
and yesterday i was feeling chill, stressed, and on edge.
all at the same time. haha.
so someone thought that he'd relax me. :D
it worked.

and for some reason i woke up at 630 today.
i just laid in bed for 20 minutes then took a short walk.
now its 724. and i must be going.

bye. (:

Thursday, August 12, 2010


i have weighed myself in days.

one of my friends, weigh 90, like 5 foot.
said i looked "normal" today.
i dont want to be normal.
i want to be BEAUTIFUL.

i lost 24 pounds by counting calories obsessively.
i cant just stop now.
can i?

no. i cant.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


now im gonna write how many to my goal weight.

i had 480 calories tomorrow.

so i better have lost.

and then i walked around too.

anyways, D and i are still going to be friends.
with benefits i hope.
because i like his lips.
his gf can go jump off a cliff for all i care.
i deserve him.

so... 30 pounds to go!
[[till 120 obv.]]

45 day ended.

i ended at 150.


im pissed.

D got back together with his ex.

im convinced its because im fat.

so all ive had today are...
-fries (when i didnt know) 250
-one grape (after i found out) 0 ish.

im not gonna eat much anymore.

i hate life.

im gonna go cry.

Monday, August 2, 2010

day 42... almost done?

3 more days.

150 this morning.

what i had today:
-slice of cheese = 40.
-church food = 140.
-tiramisu = 250.
-tostitos and salsa = 100.
-i dont remember but i recorded it = 175.
-chocolate = 250.
not too shabby.
i walked around a bit today.
and swam a bit too.

today was confusing.
D is texting me again though.

ALSO, someone told me i looked like i lost weight.
yayy! 17 pounds is worth it. (:


Sunday, August 1, 2010

i thought i need some thinspo for august. xP

today is the first day of august.

well technically it will be when i wake up.
im thinking... the entire month of august.
NO JUNK FOOD. none. what so ever.
let me clarify... no pizza, no chocolate, no fried foods.
no soda, nothing that "harms" my body.
oohhhh. thats a good idea.

i should probably finish this chocolate im eating then.

ive had like 1400 today.
oh noeeesss.
tomorrow will be better.
im actually gonna hang out.

also, no junkkk.

this is gonna be crazy hard. imma need something to remind myself with.
what should i reward myself with?

last piece of candy going in my mouth now.
im gonna miss this shit.

although i think my body is gonna feel a ton better.
i hope.
hopefully, i lose more. :D

good luck to me?
good luck, sir or madam.