Tuesday, February 1, 2011

february goals.

this is the first time ive ever done this.
but i though what the hell, why not.

1. soda free month! (to cross off my resolutions)
2. gym 5x a week.
3. start a semi frequent running program.
4. get into the low 120s, maybe teens.
5. eat less junk to prepare for next month (no junk AND vegan march- also, to cross off resolutions)

still nothing to report, i keep writing entries then deleting them, so a list shall suffice for now.


  1. Your plan sounds like something I should try ... amazing!
    I am just like that. I delete everything I write or just save it as a draft and never post it...

    ~ Meg

  2. Good goals:)
    You've inspired me to make some goals for myself this month.

    Hope all is well<3

  3. the plan sounds good - challenging but not too ambitious :) i reckon you'll definitely succeed! stay strong x

  4. ohhh, i've been thinking vegan thoughts lately.
    i should do vegan march! :)
    you'll get there, girl! keep going and be strong!

  5. I admire your ambition! I've tried before, but that no-egg-products thing gets hard, seems like anything packaged has it in...good luck! And I know you can reach those February goals!

  6. What are your plans considering the running program? I'm interested in starting one myself, so very curious as to what you plan to do. Good luck xox

  7. I like your list. Especially no junk March. Sounds like a good idea. :D


  8. That sounds like a fabulous plan, I'm behind you all the way! I approve, ditching soda and junk is the right thing to do. You won't be sorry. I lost a heap that way. Even ditching diet soda helped enormously.

    Beans, lentils and chick peas are a great source of vegan protein and are linked to weightloss. All the best for your new plan and for the new month. Loadsa love. <3. XXX.

  9. You can do it!! :)
    Your goals are all sensible and healthy, you'll definitely notice a difference and see a good loss. If there's ever anything you really miss and need a vegan alternative to I'm always here to help! All the best xxx

  10. those are great goals. I am so glad you're on a roll. much love!

  11. vegan is soo good for you. and it's not that hard after the first couple of weeks :)

  12. <3 I found you! Or, you found me! Oh I missed your blog so much!
    I hope you find inspiration soon, love!

  13. I am writing a blog about diet plans and Other Blogger's diet plan/theory. you seem like an expert, so if you can, can help me by telling me your diet plan? I will credit you for it.

    Thanks - Ann