Thursday, July 1, 2010

days 10-11/42

ive been having a lot of bad days.

weighed myself at the gym...
between 154/155. i couldnt tell.

i dont feel good.
in fact i kinda feel fat.


i ate a lot.
i walked a bit.
i felt crushed.

so i sent four texts to this guy i like...
we used to like each other but we've been on off for 3 years.
and idk. i just want to finally know what it feels to be in a relationship with him.
... well, he didnt answer.
so i was like... okay... maybe his phone is... whatever.
so i called him from my friends phone
and he picked up... and then sofia died, like the dinosaurs.

i was just really sad.

so i ate a lot... my choice of munchie: fiber one bars. WRONG CHOICE.
too much fiber. xP


woke up to take my personal fitness post test.

came back. had chickfila ~ 700. xP

went to the gym. -200 cal.
walked back home. -100 cal.

hung around my house... and ate... and ate... and ate.
i guess im still sad.
i think my total today is around 1300.
-300 gives me 1000.

at 150, my friend and i decided we're gonna do something crazy.
well kinda... haha. im gonna "drunk text" ... that boy... ill call him jim.
and see if he answers. and then if he asks... i could be like. idk.
ill have to look more into this lol.

2-3 more pounds till shopping day! (:
i seriously need clothes... all my shorts keep falling off... and i dont have a belt.

im probably gonna go to sleep.
my eyes hurt...
and i dont want to start crying before i go to sleep.

good luck to everyone out there who is sad, lonely, or need someone.
i send luck and *hugs*

xo, sofia.

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