Friday, July 16, 2010

day 25/42

i ate a lot today.
well kinda.
heres today:

-woke up around 10 because my parent were leaving.
-biked to S's house around 12.
-peanut butter sandwich and a cookie
-cookie, 2 diet cokes, fritos
-vegetarian nachos
-grapes and movie.
-then i got home and had two pieces of pizza with coke zero.

thats around 1600 i suppose.

so i gotta stop drinking soda.
i might make that a goal of mine.

yeah actually i will.
for the next week, i will not drink soda.
but ice water, and occasionally juice.

i think i burnt around 250 today.
but i want to burn more,
like around 400.
i should probably have gone to the gym today.
but i filmed instead. unfortunate.
im probably go tomorrow.

in other news,
im kinda worried.
im supposed to get my ap scores back soon.
and i dont know how i did.
[[ew i just saw a centipede or something. eek.]]

in other other news,
sofia wants a boy.
but i know i cant get one unless i lose.
so i should probably get on that.
if i prayed, i would.
but im just going to have to take matters into my own hands.

wish me luck, please.

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