Thursday, July 22, 2010

day 31.


152.5 as of this morning.

what i ate:
-fake chicken ~ 350
-potato things ~ 75
-russian mini pancakes ~ 300
-coke ~ 50
-candy ~ 100
-sandwich ~ 175
TOTAL: 1050.

and i didnt work out today.
[[day four fail]]
i walk around a bit though with D.
so im thinking -50.
unless you burn a lot kissing. :D

i didnt go anywhere though cuz i slept from liek 7-12
XP which is why im not sleeping now.
[[its 3 am ish.]]

anyways, i dont know what im doing with D.
my new lifestyle of being carefree and such is strange.
like its new and different... and i like it.
but idk. ive never been in this situation.
and my last and only ex boyfriend was a lot different.
think slightly chubby huge guy who plays video games,
versus skinny skater boy who lives life. :D
i thinks it a good trade.
now i just have to work on being tinier than him.

speaking of which,
i need to go shopping.
i got to 152.
i should be able to have so shopping fun, eh?
to the outlet MAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!! (:

gonna go clean my room, more calories burnt... eehhh?

laterrr. (:

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