Tuesday, July 13, 2010

skinny people always look happier.


so my quest is.... to get skinny, duh.

EXTRAordinarily bad day today.
wanna know what i ate?
ill tell you:
-fiber one bar
-rice with pieces of sausage
-one and a half pieces of mozzarella with olive oil on top.
-one slice bread.
-slice of watermelon
-small cucumber
-rice (not white, some weird kind}
-two mini bagels with cream cheese
-one large arbys curly fries.
-fiber one bar

thats like. WTF.
but i walked around a bit today.
.5 mile walk.
then .5 mile run
then 15 minute bootcamp.
then .25 mile run.

im assuming thats around 200.
and im assuming my food intake is... 1650.

so we'll see where im at tomorrow.

although tomorrow and the next day im on a fast-ish.

aight, well, later.

lets get skinny, shall we?

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