Thursday, July 29, 2010

day 38/35.


today was a long day.

i have a week.

i weighed 149.5 this morning.

my goal was 144.
im not far off but i dont want to lose that much in a week.

so first i went to my english tutor. [[sat]]
then atlanta bread company.
then i walked home. 1 mile.
then i sat around. filmed. ate
then fail of math.
driving. parental yelling.
walked to target to get away, and back. 1.5 miles.
went to the movies with C.
walked back. .75 mile.
had sushi.
watched tv.
took a walk/run. .5 mile.
blogging. -currently- haha.

what i ate:
-abc = 400 cal.
-lots of bread = 300 cal.
-clementine = 50 cal.
-danactive = 35 cal.
-sushi = 250 cal.
TOTAL: 1035 cal.
----- -0300 cal.

not bad.
we'll see what the scale says tomorrow morning.

D hasnt texted me since 3.
ive texted him like 4 times.
with no effing answer.
it just makes me feel really self concious.
like im not good enough for his messages.
this really isnt healthy.
and i think i like him a LOT.
which is problematic because i hate feeling like this.
he has the upper hand. and can hurt me.
and i absolutely hate that.

bye for now.

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