Tuesday, July 27, 2010

day 37/45.

alright day.
last day of work.
went to the park.
went to R's. [[boy]]
went swimming.
watched a movie.
D was there.
we cuddled. it was nice.
and then no text after.
BIG surprise. xP

i forgot to weigh myself this morning.
breakfast killed me today. i went to panera.
what i had:
-panera choc. chip bagel = 370 cal.
-panera plain bagel = 290 cal.
-panera sweet tea = 105 cal.
-panera butter packages = 100 cal.
-two pretzels and a noodle--- not counting.
-pizza = 300 cal.
-kefir = 50 cal.
TOTAL: 1215.

then -150 for walking around and swimming.

anyways, bad day.
ill weigh in the morning.


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