Friday, July 9, 2010

day 19/42

AHHH! 23 days till school. :P
i started summer reading last night because i couldnt fall asleep.
gained .5 lb.
thats what i get for not going running.
although i did do crunches, flies, backwards pushups, and ballet squats.
but i only did one set.

GARRRRRR. i dont even know what weightage im supposed to be at on monday.
[[let me check...]]
lets just say i would like to be... 153/152
either of those numbers will work since i havent hit either of them

all ive eaten so far is a fiber one bar.
so imma eat something at 2.
maybe a salad. im kinda craving one of those.
and then ill be at the pool party at three.
my friend didnt leave her bike at my house. :(
she probably forgot.
if she left it on the side of her house imma get my dad to drop me off there.
and ill bike the rest of the way.
its sorta halfway anyway.


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