Thursday, July 22, 2010

day 32.


i didnt do anything today.
currently, im so hungry i feel like throwing up.
no joke.

what i had today:
-cheese sandwich = 200 cal.
-salad = 100 cal.
-soup w/ bread = 125 cal.
-white chocolate = 150 cal.
TOTAL: 575.

im effing STARVING.
and dont get me wrong, i want to eat.
but theres nothing to eat at my house.
i mean nothing i can eat right away.

plus, i feel really sick.
like im coughing and stuff.

and my skin is SUCKING right now.
like im getting pimples and shit.
i dont ever get this gross.
i need to do something about it... NOW.

i really do feel like fainting though.
i think imma go lie down for a bit.
oh, and i was 151.5 this morning.


[[edit: add 150 to my total. had rice later.]]

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