Wednesday, July 7, 2010

days 13-16: eventful... with lots of eating.

COMPLETE waste of time.
dieting wise.
ive been just. ugh.
i annoy myself.

did you know its tick season?
i didnt. until july 4th.
it took me an hour to convince my communist mother to let me hang out.
and then i got to the park... and my friends were already down the street.
so i had to walk down there by myself... which i dont really mind.
but then... we had to go back.
most of the group got a ride.
but i volunteered to be one of the ones to walk...
[[more exercise... you know? haha.]]
and then i got there... and it took us 15 minutes to find the rest of us.
and that was all good. and we were finally chilling.
and then... one of the guys threw the rugby ball into the creek at the park.
i volunteered to get it.
i walk back out and sit down and...
on my effing leg.
so i called my mother and got her to drive me home.
i got home... and where is the tick?
i dont see it... oh. its on my upper leg now... okay... cool.
it didnt even bite me and i left for no reason.
and then i really just wanted to leave the house.
so i got my parents to go to their friends house and bring me along.

my good friends and i had an old lady sleep over.
but before i left my mother yelled at me for an hour. of course.
i get there. and shes not at her house...
i sense a theme... right?
well shes down the street at the other girls house.
i go there and they're trying on clothes... and im like... okay.
i go downstairs and watch tv for a bit.
then we hobbled down the street.
made apple pie while painting our nails
[[old lady colors ofc.]]
and did water aerobics.
then we went to target, blockbuster, and then back.
then we watched i'll come running on demand.
then dating on demand. xP
then monk.
.... Zzzzzz.....

i got up after sleeping 5 hours.
went to the dentist.
went to chickfila. FML.
went to work.
had cake there cuz it was my boss's birthday.
got home. ate chocolate. sat around doing nothing.
went to dinner since it was my brothers bday.
[[longhorns. XP]]
and then i cleaned my room for like an hour.

i will no longer be an impediment on my parents lives.
when i can, i will clean my room, do my laundry, do my homework, and all that kinda shit so they dont bother me and i can do whatever the hell i want.
they dont need me, i dont need them.

also, 07.07.10 starts my two day kinda-fast.
i have a pool party on friday.
so im hoping to lose 2 pounds.
ill weigh myself in the morn.


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