Saturday, July 17, 2010

day 26.


today, i made a promise to myself.
no more junk food all week.
that mean no chips, sodas, fries, anything.
[[maybe no chocolate, and ice cream]]
im not trying to deprive myself,
just trying to make myself healthier.
also, im trying to eat less bread.

so today i had quite a bit as well:
-cheezits like 6 servings. xP 800
-cucumber with italian dressing 030
-chicken [[fail at being a vegetatian]] 075
-rice w/ lemon sauce 100
-chocolate 310
-ice cream 160
TOTAL: 1475

less than yesterday, but still quite a bit.

im gonna start trying to also lower my sodium intake.
since more sodium = retain water.

oh, and burnt around 150-200 today walking around.

i was really depressed today. xP
i just want to be loved,
and i want to be skinny,
and carefree.
and ugh.

i need this to make myself better.

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