Sunday, July 18, 2010

day 28/42. and day 1/30.

ive decided to start doing 30 day challenges.
i suppose this one will end on the 17th of august.
this 30 day challenge, i am going to exercise for atleast 30 minutes everyday, aerobically.
checkmark for today. (:
lets see... what i did today: i swam for like 30 minutes, ran .5 mile, biked 2.5 miles (hills!!), and i might go for a walk after this.

i weighed myself this morning... 153!

all i had today was 4 pieces of pizza, at three different times.
and like 4 tootsie rolls, 2 long, 1 tiny, 1 fat.
thats like around 1400. maybe.

and then i probably burnt around 400, maybe.

so today was alright.
actually it was pretty effing fun.
i woke up after a dream of me smoking cigarettes, xP
and i went to hang out around 3 or 4.
we went to the park, Z's pool (which we broke into and got kicked out), and then M's tennis court.
we played a lot of truth or dare.
this one girl was a real wimp.
but i got dared to kiss D.
which i did.
then later we kissed... some more.
haha, apparently sofia is a good kisser. ;D

anyways i had fun. (:

weighin tomorrow!
hopefully, something good. (:
i want to buy an effing bikini, and go to the mall.

until later. bye.

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