Tuesday, July 20, 2010

day 29, and day 2 fail.

still 153.
but im alright with that.
but im not going to warped tour.
which makes sofia sad.
oh well, next year, i suppose.

ive had about 800 calories today.
but i didnt burn much...
maybe 100.

i failed on the exercise thing.
i was too tired after 4 hours of sleep.
and i wanted to hang out with D. (:
i could feel him wannting to kiss me.
but i didnt, because im an effing idiot.
haha. itll get better.
we did hold hands though. that was fun.
we're hanging out wednesday. (:

my problem is that he weighs like 120.
and i dont know how i feel about that.
ill tell you on wednesday. (:

sorry this is short.
i want to text him.

ill exercise tomorrow! i promise!

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