Friday, July 2, 2010

day 12/42


imma do a separate blog for pictures. there are quite a bit.

i had a good day.
woke up at 4 pm. haha. (:

-five pancake things ~150 cal
-bag of rice cakes ~770 cal
-eight sushi ~200 cal
-1/2 container raspberries ~075 cal
-hot chocolate ~100 cal

TOTAL: ~1395 cal

not that bad. i also walked around an swam quite a bit.
approx. -200cal.

went over to my friends house at 8.
we went walking to find out if our friend was back from his vacation.
im assuming he wasnt allowed out of the house.
so we went swimming in his neighborhood pool.
stole fudge and popsicles.
and set off fireworks.

good day? i think so.

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