Monday, July 26, 2010

day 36/45. i changed the number to the wednesday before school.

i was doing really well today.
until i went home.
damn cookies.

151 this morning.

went shopping today. (:
got some stuff.
along with new shorts. yay!
size 9. ALMOST 7. (:

what i had today.
-kefir = 50 cal.
-rice and salad = 300 cal.
-smoothie = 50 cal.
-2 sandwiches = 350 cal.
-3 cookies = 240 cal.
[[EDIT:add: pasta = 150 cal.
TOTAL: 990 cal.--->1140 cal.

i also bought a bikini.
dont know how i feel about that yet.
i mean you can obviously tell ive got a tummy.
but i mean idk if i should stick it out or what.
and no one is answering my texts right now.
and i really want to talk to D.


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