Wednesday, June 30, 2010

day 9/42


i weighed myself at the gym.... 154.
i dont know if i believe that or not.

what ive eaten:
-doritos ~ 200 cal
-butterfingers 6 mini ~ 540 cal
-lo carb monster ~ 20 cal
-doritos ~ 100 cal
-butterfingers 5 mini ~ 450 cal
-white fish && rice ~ 300 cal
exercise: -100 cal walk.
-150 cal exercise
so end total: 1260 cal.
[[i did that all in my head xP]]

im 72% done with online drivers ed... in 3 days... (:
hahahahahaha. such bullshit. and i didnt kill anyone while driving today.
tomorrrow.... i conquer roads.

you know the imma eat healthy thing?
id rather not eat, rather than eat healthy.
sad? i know.
tomorrow im living of the 4 locarb monsters i bought.
and 420 other ccalories to bring me to 500.

wish me luck!
pictures soon! i promise!

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