Saturday, July 10, 2010

rest of day 19/42

well today was pretty chill.
i only ended up eating like... 800 ish.
and i swam and went running.
this is why i should go out more.

well, i got there at like 345.
[[to the pool]]
and i was the second person there,
being the only other one other than the host.
i brought drinks, and she had food.
[[although thats irrelevant we barely ate]]
it was thundering though.
so we werent able to go into the actual pool.
and then... it starting pouring.
we ended waiting like an hour while other people were showing up.
and then we went swimming.
10 minutes later Z. shows up,
late on account that he just woke up.
[[this was around 430]]
[[also irrelevant, but i liked him in january or february]]
we swam for like an hour or so.
but there wasnt much swimming we just stood around talking.

then i started feeling all wrinkley,
so i got out.
did i mention that i felt really... jiggly today?
well i did.

anyways, we were thinking of where to go next,
since we didnt want to just sit there at the pool.
and we ended up going into the woods near the neighborhood.
theres a clearing there. where we sat talking and playing truth or dare.
it wasnt very eventful, i refused to do a dare.
on account that i am a wimp.

then we went to Z's house.
since it was starting to get hot.
[[[im feeling lightheaded typing this. but imma finish quick. because id ont want to get up and eat. xP]]]
we got there and sat around his kitchen table for a while.
then went up to his room,
where we listened to music while talking
in the dim light of a single candle might i add.

then it was around 830.
and i had to walk back to where i originally told my mother i was.
M's house. but Z isnt allowed in there.
on account that he is a bad influence
[[and a lovely smoker might i add,
oh. look at me falling for the bad boy...again]]
so we sat on the street till i had to go.
well techinically, me, Z, and W sat outside.
W is also a boy. D (boy) and M (girl) were inside...
for quite some time.. xP

we talking about a lot of things outside actually,
it was really nice.
i wish i was actually friends friends with Z.
rather than just acquaintances.
oh, well.
might sleepover at friends tomorrow night,
if not, the night after.
im excited. shes an old dance friend.
i havent watched harry potter in FOREVER.

ill weigh in again tomorrow morning.

night. (:

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