Thursday, July 8, 2010

day 17-18

day one of my kinda fast.
i had around 900 cal.
i also went running -200 cal.
cleaned for like 3 hours. xP
and thats about it.
not a very eventful day.
well... i went to my english SAT tutor.

well not much has happened so far today.
considering its 4om and i got up at 2 pm.
but. i weighed myself. 154. yay!
i cant wait to go to the gym today. (:
all ive had so far is a fiber one bar.
im gonna go finish cleaning my closet... and then my room.
since cleaning my closet is basically put it all on the floor of my room.


p.s. imma start stocking up on thinspo pics so i can do a post just for that.

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