Sunday, July 18, 2010

day 27/42


it was a pretty good day.
although my parents came home and shit,
i was only awake for two hours before they went to church.

so what i did today.
i read catcher in the rye.
finished it, and really liked it.
although i didnt get much out of the themes and stuff.
im a pretty surface level reader.

then after that i went to the park, then QT, then M's neighbourhood.

caloric wise i did alright:
-2 servings of whole wheat pasta = 400
-w/ pasta sauce = 050
-ice cream = 300
-monster = 020
and i think thats it....
TOTAL = 770

then i walked around so probably..-100

i still need to get my bike from S's house. xP

i weighed 155 in the morning.
hopefully ill go down one more. (:

i didnt have any junk food as you can see!
other than ice cream.... but thats cuz its in the fridge.
and i didnt have that much....
haha. xP

the ice rink might be open again!
im so excited!!!!!

ive decided...
i want to do my measurements... right now.
i might be doing this wrong... but oh well.
B:38 1/2
W:31 (woah.)
H:36 3/4 (like an inch below my bellybutton)
RT:24 3/4

as you can see... my legs SUCK.

[[EDIT: ahhh! i found my measurements from july 18th, 2009.
Bust: 38 1/2
Waist: 32 1/2
Hips: 38 3/4
Thighs: 40 1/2
so thats a bit better... haha.
i weighed... erm... let me check...
163. so its only been... 8 lbs and a year.
but still kinda cool.]]

bye for now.

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