Sunday, December 26, 2010

where the fuck did my willpower go?

no, ryan, you are wrong.
i am not beautiful, gorgeous, or pretty.
in fact, i am fat, ugly, and worthless.
worthless enough to break a fucking fast.

i will not eat tomorrow.
i will not eat the next day, maybe.
i dont deserve it.

okay... lets be more reasonable.
200 cal max, if necessary at night,
for dinners and such.
but, let's not be a fatass,
got it, sofia?


  1. You are not fat, ugly, or worthless! Please don't be so hard on yourself. Would you like to fast together tomorrow? It might make you feel better knowing there is someone with you. Liquids only - so some soup and tea to keep you warmed up and feeling full?

    Never fear, we'll get through this!

  2. I broke my fast too! Gr gr gr!

    I was going to let you know tonight.

    My mother has been watching me like a hawk, so I've been making sure I eat right. in. front. of. her.
    TOMORROW FOR SURE! I overindulged today, eating cookies, crackers, and I had starbucks for the first time. Ugh. What a crappy day.

  3. Don't beat yourself up so much.
    It is a Holiday weekend! You shouldn't have even fasted, you should have enjoyed yourself for once & indulged in some holiday feasting!

    You're beautiful. You're definitely worthy.
    Tomorrow is Monday, new week+new day... give yourself a break though, eat something:)