Sunday, December 19, 2010

i have to rethink this.

i havent lost any weight, in a very long time. 139. that was the number on the scale. i dont want to see the 40s. i have to rethink this approach.

i cant hear her saying,
im back, bitches.

im fasting.
starting 230 pm EST.
i dont know when this will end.
i think i still have to pass 42 hours.
which means i would be able to eat at 830 am,
tuesday morning.

i dont think thats possible though,
because i have a doctors appointment on tuesday?...

there is another post below from this morning.
please read, and be angry with me. :P


  1. Whoa, good luck on your fast!! You can do it:) You don't need food/energy for a silly doctors appointment:P hehe

    Getting into the 130's & then creeping back into the 140's is the worst feeling ever, just happened to me recently :(.

    A fast or binge will definitely help kick start a new weight loss!

  2. Good luck on the fast. Sounds like you're at a plateau. It will pass! <3

  3. oooooooo im gonna fast with you!!!!! good luck :]
    thanks so much for your comment. i used to repeat little quotes like that to myself all the time and now i dont even hear those voices anymore :(
    but maybe this fast will wake them up?

  4. Does it take a long time to do the format like you do? I really like it.

    Good luck!

  5. Fast sounds so wonderful right now.
    And you can absolutely do the 30 letter challenge, I'd love to read yours :)

    ~ Meg