Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i hate breaking fasts.

so today i broke the 41 hour fast at 1230 pm,
i think ill break more fasts at school,
but im glad i only brought the exact change i needed,
because i was EXTRAORDINARILY tempted to buy a giant cookie and fries.
which is 800 + 450 = FAT.
but im awful at breaking fasts in general.
like today ive had around 800.
silly sofia, when will you ever learn?

so at lunch the other day [[11/6--fasting]]
we struck up a conversation about this anorexic girl in my grade,
... shes in my french class and i swear her calves are bigger than her thighs...
and they were just like... its so sad, blah blah blah.
they dont even suspect anything because im too fucking fat.
i cant wait until i look like her. :P...
im considering dropping my ugw down,
but i want to wait until i get there to decide.

but here we go!
planning time!
tomorrow, all i plan on eating is pizza (300) at 1 pm.
then fruits and veggies at home.
i have salad, grapes, blueberries, apples, and then vegan rice cheese and soy dogs.
my goal is ~500 cal.

then i think ill fast on thursday,
and then most of friday until i go to my friends sleepover,
she works at a bakery and gets all the leftovers.
i need to smoke,
that might be why ive felt the need to eat all day?
maybe, i promised ryan i wouldnt...
but he doesnt need to know. i s'pose.

i hope i didnt gain too much from my 800 cals today,
i think ill be okay... maybe.
i may take a walk later tonight,
because i didnt go to dance today,
because my foot is acting up. damn.
and then crunches and such as always.

i hate screwing up.
and sorry for the double post.


  1. Great post, lovely!
    Sounds like you're doing wonderfully!

  2. After breaking a fast it's always hard because you may not even be THAT hungry but have to eat because of social events, school, ect...after that one little bit of food it's like whoa I'm starving! And all hell breaks loose. I'm fasting on Thursday too:)

    I'd definitely wait to drop your ugw, you can drop it lower once you get to it:)! what is your ugw right now?

    Anyways, keep up the good work girl<3