Friday, December 17, 2010

it's days like this that make me want to go on an angry shooting rampage. (PLEASE help me)

right now i'm looking for possible explanations and tips.

weigh-in this morning: 138.

i dont get it.
i was supposed to lose.
with a net intake of 385, what else would i expect?
it isnt fair. goddamnit.

my post below describes yesterday for you if you would like to read.

possible explanations
1. im forever doomed to be fat.
2. i drank basically 2L of coke zero yesterday.

i need you to help me before i do something ill regret,
because ill regret it, obviously.
any possible explanation//relatable story//tips?!

please help.


  1. 1) Calm down! everything will be ok.
    2) Not losing could be from the coke, it makes you retain water weight. I'd say drink some water, lay off the coke for awhile. Even if it is zero calories it still makes you bloated.
    3) It's possible you hit a plateau? Maybe a fast would help out, or the dreadful binge. My binge definitely helped me get over my plateau, I mean it made me gain a pound or so, but now I'm losing without really even trying super hard :/

    I hope this helps a little! lol don't do anything rash, you're NOT doomed to be fat, we all have a skinny girl inside us :D.

  2. Hi!! :) I'm a new follower. LOVE your name :P
    Just wanted to say hello and let you know that you are NOT NOT NOT doomed to be fat!! <3

  3. I think it's because coke zero or any diet soda makes you bloated haha
    don't worry you will lose weight :)

  4. I also think it was from the coke zero.
    i always tend to retain water weight:(

    love your blog.

  5. Coke coke coke.
    Swap for water. My flatmate always tells me how diet soda makes you fat because of the sweetener, it actually makes your body gain fat cells. I don't get it, but 2L a day is probably not heathy even if it was good for you.
    Water water water. Wash away the pounds. xx

  6. Water weight!! Fizzy drinks tend to make us bloat. Also, if you've been restricting a lot lately, you might not be pooping as much as you should. You could try upping your fiber intake, or taking a gentle laxative just to get you "regular" again.


  7. definitely the coke zero. if you ease off it you should see normal results. stay strong, little lady.
    p.s. thanks for your sweet comment.

  8. water eight?
    stop with the soda and replace it with tea/water
    coke even with zero cals has a ton of gross chemicals in it that are sooooo nastyy for your body
    take fiberrrrrrrrrr and poop/pee everything, it does wonders :) haha
    stay lovely

  9. I try hard not to drink anything past 7pm. Otherwise it's REALLY hard for me to lose the water weight and I end up getting discouraged.

    Also, like everyone else has mentioned, Coke Zero does have "empty calories". Try a week without soda and drink only tea or water. See if that helps. :)