Thursday, December 30, 2010

day two: someone you secretly think is cute + regular post.

dear sweaterboy,

i met you at a concert at swayzes. you were the keyboardist. you sang part of one song. i was the one who yelled "you're hot." i know you liked the attention; you're gorgeous and cute. and THAT HAT. it was. AAdorable.

have my babies?

love, sofia.

todays weigh-in:

133.5 lb.


GET THEM OUT OF MY HOUSE (100) + 12 raspberries (12) = breakfast (112)

quesadilla (600-approx) = dinner out (600)

cookie (100) + sushi (80) + pizza (125) + peanuts (20) + 5 russian candies (375) = i was really fucking irritated (700)


ice skating (-400)

doing stuff (-50)



862 cal

i dont want to talk about today.

boys are fucking stupid.

sorry for the generalization.

All.That.Wander.Are.Not.Lost: he knows everything. and by everything i do mean everything unfortunately. but hes supportive, and im sorry, i meant to keep this world a secret.

imperfection-xo: thank you for calling me thin. im really not, but thank you. <3 href="">Muffin: thank you. you are too. <3 href="">Zwazzle: thanks, i try. ;D

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