Monday, December 27, 2010

talk to me?! (this is not a plea)

if you would like to contact me that is awesome!
i love emails and texts. (:
information is in the sidebar, but here it is as well.
for texting, i have at&t and unlimited. i live in the u.s.

todays weigh-in:
136 lb.
i really dont get how this works.
part pancake (30) + 15 blueberries (12) = breakfast (42)
3 raspberries (3) + coffee (5) = snack (8)
bread (10) + 5 bites rice (20) + 5 spoons soup (2) + 8 raspberries (8) = dinner (40)
doinn stuufff ;) (-80)
10 cal.

im supposed to be 134 by tomorrow,
due to it being my blogger anniversary,
and i wanted to have lost 40 pounds since the beginning of my journey,
i highly doubt i will get there,
but i will be happy with 135.
as long as i dont gain,
i will be a happy camper tomorrow.

i drank.
i think im tipsy.
i dont exactly know,
but i dont remember what happened.
it all slurred after that screwdriver.
but! i didnt eat much today.
and im glad.

we'll see what i am tomorrow.
i really hope its lower.
i really love you guys. (:
stay lovely.


  1. ahaha yay for tipsyyy :D
    good job on the intake today! and good luck for tomorrow

  2. Darling I missed you!
    For some reason I keep missing your blog on my following list and it doesn't show up ):

    Glad you made it through the day well :) I'm sure you'll be fine :)
    Screwdrivers are so yummy <3

    Stay lovely xo

  3. Hey, I just wanted you to know that this is Sierra Maria. I've started a new blog. <3

  4. Mmm screwdrivers are lovely. I used to be able to knock back like 10 very large screwdrivers and still remain coherent (and my screwdrivers are usually a VERY large glass of Grey Goose with only a splash of orange...). Now I have one and I can barely stand up. >:(

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! <3

  5. sounds like you did great! just don't hurt yourself :] hope the scale treats you extra nicely for your blogiversary!!

  6. I'd love to text youuu, but my phone is charging right now.

    Text me & I'll get back to you later? 516 234 4080.