Monday, December 13, 2010

i have only lost ten pounds this semester, and that is unacceptable.

but im starting this beginning well.
slightly higher than i would like: 141,
but starting well nonetheless.

egg white (17) + clementine (35) = breakfast (52)
salad (100) + andes candy (26) = lunch (126)
5 bowties (25?) + halved quesidilla (100) + half yogurt (40) = dinner (165)
soup (60) + 1.7 oz fish (40) + clementine (35)= supper (135)
ballet for 1 hour (-250)
walking (-100)
478 cal-350 cal=
128 cal.

im really proud of myself today.
i turned down a couple of things,
well not "turn down" but see...
there was cake in the fridge this morning, i decided i didnt need it.
my friend gave me a candy cane and a gummy, i gave it away.
fudge was given to me in my last period class, i politely took it, wrapped it in a napkin, and gave it to the boy who drove me home.
i did however give into 5 bowties (pasta), but that was all.
and then! i looked into my brothers room... oh my gosshh! you cannot imagine the loads of chocolate that were there. i just said... "wow... but i dont need this, and it's his."

later, i trudged to ballet in the below freezing weather due to my fathers lack of car.
i think i have mentioned this on many occasions, but i hate being the fattest one in the room, and every week at ballet that is the way it works. it makes me feel so bad about myself. :/
and then i was given a candy cane, which i proceeded to give to my brother.

my other brother than proceeded to ask me if i wanted the chocolate i saw in his room, which i said no to, while eating a clementine.

life is lovely.

good luck to all you lovely ladies! you can reach your goals!

thank you for reading.


  1. proud of you :)

    the little triumphs add up!

  2. You did such a good job during the day! It's so hard to turn down candy when people are literally putting it in your hands... congrats on the decision to get back on track! We all want to be beautiful and I know we'll make it if we stay focused! Good luck to you, I'll be looking forward to your next post, love!


  3. wow! well done! you did so well! And thank you, lovely, x.