Wednesday, December 8, 2010

being happy isnt good for the diet.

yes, i have found that out.
the happier i am, the more i eat.
and it aint healthy either.
i did not have pizza today,
but i did have fries and a cookie.
and then a lot of hummus...
and its only 2 pm.
this is why wednesday is my nap day.
but i have soooo many tests tomorrow.
i feel like my stomache has doubled in size,
a trip to the gym for the first time in months is definitely necessary.

my mother is a complete bitch,
i just hear her voice and my good mood plummets,
literally, down the fucking drain into hell.
thats how far my mood drops.

1.5 more years, 1.5 more years!

i have found that i do better on fasts when theyre unofficial,
and i dont tell you.
but my next on will be longer than the last... so 42 hours?
yes, 42.
i may be sleeping over at my friends house on friday,
and so it will be until then. (:

i dont know why in hell im in a good mood,
i just stuffed my body with all this shit,
and i still am.
people keep asking me if im on drugs,
and im like nooo! im just happpeeeyyyy!
ugh, is it bad that i want to be sad again so i can just stop eating?
probably, but oh well. this is my life.

also, after the 800 i had yesterday i was very surprised to see a loss this morning.
but after today thats never gonna hold.
hahahahaha. fuck. me.

p.s. might be starting my fast at 12am 11/9 not officially though.


  1. God, my mum gives me hell too :(
    nag, nag, nag, SHUTUP.

    It's 3 more years for me =P
    Gud luck on the fast <3

  2. its the exact opposite for me, the unhappier i am the more i eat and the happier i am the less i eat. wierd.
    thanks for your comment. following!

  3. I am going to join you on your fast :D (i hope!)

    I eat way more when I'm happy too. I mean obviously being happy is more enjoyable but it's so frustrating that stuffing your face is so easy when in a good mood :|.

    Yay for still losing :)! Good luck tomorrow...if the fast happens :p

  4. OMG! : O I am the same way. I didn't realize it until I read this post. I eat more when I'm happy. So how do I make myself sad? If its alright with you I'm going to join in on your fast as well. I tried to do a fast from Sunday-Saturday, but it didn't work out so well. : ( I failed on both Sunday and Monday. So I started on Tuesday. I made it through Tuesday, but cracked today. ugh Sorry that this comment is so long. lOl But I was wondering if you could be someone I could talk to. lOl I have no one to help me. : P If you don't want to thats okay. I hope you do great with your fast! : D

  5. waa thanks for following and commenting :) I *love your blog, haha
    My mother has the same effect on me! even the thought of her sometimes makes me sad, so I try avoid mornings with her so i'm not in a bad mood the whole day >.<

    Good luck with *your fast, nd i look forward to more of your posts.
    your new follower :)

  6. Haha people ask me the same thing when I get happy--are you on drugs?

    Glad I could make you laugh. ;) Everyone should laugh more!


  7. lol I can totally understand not wanting to be definitely makes me over eat! It's easier to starve when you don't give a shit about anything, you know?

    I love your description of what your mother does to your mood! It made me laugh so hard I almost pissed on myself! You have a way with words my friend!