Thursday, December 16, 2010

turns out 5 hour energy shots dont work on me.

todays weigh-in:
138 lb.

wheat bread (35) + half slice vegan cheese (20) + 5 raspberries (5) = lunch (60)
breaded fish (50) + nachos (135) + 26 blueberries (20) = dinner (205)
nachos (140) + 40 raspberries (40) = second dinner? (180)
fish (55) + 10 grapes (30) + 26 blueberries (20) + 15 raspberries (15) = snack (120)
22 minute jog (-180)
385 cal.

this morning i went grocery shopping; i feel like it was quite successful.
i got bread (35 cal/slice... who knew that existed?!), grape tomatos, blueberries, raspberries, two vitamin water zeros, a 2L coke zero, mac and cheese (180, for the craving of cheese, which happens often against my will), and chocolate vitatops (90-100 each, for chocolate cravings).
i got the last two things because i hate craving things, so i just got low calorie options that i can stop at a serving size.
i feel like the bread was the best discovery; i havent had a slice of bread in quite some time, due to the usual caloric value of 100-120 for a teeny slice. so yay.

i took my physics final this morning, horrendous.
i have english and history tomorrow and then im done.

today i found out that the only reason my mom worries about my weight is because her students' mothers (shes a tutor) like to speculate about me... cool.

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