Thursday, December 2, 2010

just peachy.


hummus is going to be the death of me.

i have too much of it!

but its soooo good. :P


i want food but im not hungry,

i hate breaking fasts.

i dont want to give in.

well my dears,

i broke my fast at 430 pm today.

and i ate twice after that,

for a total of 466 cal.

and then i went to hiphop for an hour.

so overall, lovely day.

but i still feel like shit.

but it all worth it for the 137 i saw this morning.

tomorrow = friday night,

friday night = booze and bud.

dont know exactly whats gonna happen there.


John Kristopher - i usually fail too, but i just have found the willpower to do this, because i dont want to be average. and thanks. im here if you ever want to talk too. and literally, im on here all day from 4pm-1am eastern time.

teaspoon - idk, i just dont want my mother to worry, she already bitches at me for not eating enough, but she sees my fat when i try on clothing, and im like, do you want to have a fat daughter?

wren - yes, i ended up being more sane. haha. probably due to the much lower number this morning. (:

Isobel - yeah, i seem to have no problem mainting... its the losing im having trouble with. but thank you. (:

not.quite.ana - thank you, im just trying. its almost been a year... and almost 40 pounds. and it will be 40 pounds by the 27th which is my blogger anniversary. (: notice, that was a statement not a question. haha.

Jeans vs. Genes - thank you and i did have fun at dance. (: i was slightly light headed, but ohhh weelll.

gem - thank you. it means a lot. <3

All.That.Wander.Are.Not.Lost - thank you! and good job on yours! and yeah, i know its weird, i want it to come back so i can stop worrying. :/


p.s. im slightly inclined to do a vlog, but im afraid you'll unfollow this fatass. :P

*EDIT: UGH FUCK. binged, im sorry. it wasnt much. but still. im under 800 def, but still. UGH.

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  1. AHHH OMG congratz on 137!!! you really have made amazing progress this whole year, you should be very proud of yourself!! and it's ok don't think of it as a binge, 800 is definitely not bad in the larger scheme of things! keep up the good work <3 just remember, only 17 more lbs to your UGW!