Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i reached a goal weight yesterday,
but i need to get to 137 before i celebrate.
i dont know why.
but i do.

i have a really long post coming up,
when i do reach 137.
you dont have to read it.
but its been my diary for the past couple days.
i post more than once.
and i didnt want to tell you until i succeeded.

personal update:
i really really really like C.
like i didnt mean to at all.
but i think i just like guys in general.
like. V, from my dream.
we were at a club meeting today,
and i wouldnt mind kissing him.
hmm. i may have a problem?
eh. i guess ill just wait for another party.
then ill fuck shit up. (:

1 comment:

  1. U can make it to 137 love!!! I am excited for your "Diary" blog :D

    Haha nooo you dont have a problem, you like variety :) xx