Monday, November 15, 2010

i did eat today.

total: 395.

i promise im not slacking on blogging,
i just have something i need to do first.
before i post everything.
and when i do... im gonna have a really long post.
because i dont want to tell you about my progress until ive made some.

number of people who know i cut: 2.
C knows but he wont tell,
i asked him how he figured it out and he said,
that basically all the girls he's dated have done that.
so he started picking up on signs.
whoops. oh and i cut again today,
i hate feeling worthless and that numbing pain makes it better.
am i in too deep?
M knows too,
but she used to cut,
so she wont tell.
shes trying to talk me out of it.
ill convince her that im trying.
itll work...
because it helps.
and who cares about the scars.

and a bit of tmi,
for tmi tuesday. ;D
... oh... its monday. whoops.
i really need to hook up with someone.
maybe thatll help.
id love it to be C,
but i cant get alone time with him due to the fact that hes grounded.
and i wont be able to go there alone.
:/. oh well. the one thing i dont like about him is that he doesnt push his limits.
like i do, anyway.
likeonce my mom took my phone away.
so i took her phone and her wallet.
maybe im just a bad kid?

... this post ended up being much longer than i intended.

stay lovely.


  1. That thing about your mom is funny :)
    Oh but hiiii
    Saw you were following me, so I came to check you out ;) haha, your blog~!!