Thursday, November 4, 2010

children, crepes, and cupcakes.

while at the circus yesterday,
i saw a child.
i know, i know. big whoop.
but she was just sitting there eating popcorn.
no worries, just watching and eating.
and im sitting there thinking...
there are so many flippin calories in popcorn,
yes, im going insane.

everytime i ate today i think...
i could do without this...
can i?
hmm... so far ive had 215 calories.
but im sure to eat a bit more.
[[edit:: i had 365. (:]]

im craving cheetos.

but i wont give in,
because i have crepe day tomorrow in french.
we eat crepes and think about how life is fan fucking tastic.
... i have a recovered anorexic in my class.
shes still really skinny... so im gonna see what she eats. :D
i may just have one... because im baking cupcakes after school tomorrow.
for C. (:

i think i like him... maybe.
i saw him in the hall today,
and my stomache just dropped,
and i couldnt help but smile.

im really tired though, i need to sleep more.
ive had 8.5 hours combined for two days.
i may take a nap right now, so my craving passes.

i didnt weigh myself this morning... didnt have the time.
i think i may be overdoing the font thing... so i think my next post will be one color, one font. haha.

lets be lovely,


  1. I always look at people and think "god that has so many calories in it, disgusting" even little kids. I just wanna yell at them if they keep eating like that they'll be fat (ugh so mean).

    I quite like your font and the constant changing of it :D

    Good luck in French tomorrow, you should enjoy one crepe at least!

  2. Making cupcakes for him, I think you do like him ;). Either that, or you are a saint, angel, princess, sent from heaven to guide this world to World Peace? Or morbid obesity... Those beautiful looking things are so evil, they look so wonderful and innocent, then attack you with the burden of calories as soon as you open your mouth.
    Yes, cupcakes, touchy subject. Hahaha.
    <3 <3 Thank you for commenting, I love love love you for it! xx