Thursday, November 4, 2010

fairly well.

i did fairly well today.

i broke up with him... officially.
i think someone asked me out today.
W, from my last post.
but i was going to the circus with my mama,
so i said im busy...

R texted me to hang out with C this weekend,
at his house... considering hes eternally grounded.
well, we'll see what happens.

i dont know how i feel about circuses,
i liked the general acrobatics... and its was funny.
but... i dont know... the continuous laughing was creepy.
but, hey, whatever gets me out of the house.
but this meant i had to spend time with my mother,
whenever i spend time with my mother,
i always tend to tell her about the personal stuff,
that i very much wish to keep to myself.

i did quite well with eating today.
salad and banana 115
peanuts 200
cucumber 15
popcorn 165
peanuts 25

i honestly guesstimated the numbers
so it would end up an even 600.
so thats not bad.

i weighed in at 144 this morning.
i hope its lower after today.
these high numbers are annoying.

stay lovely,

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