Sunday, November 28, 2010


11.28.10 155am
the smell of this air reminds me of when this all started.

11.28.10 1030 am
maybe if i feel and look put together, my mind will follow and put itself together.

todays emotions: antisocial, weird, and happy.

just a warning, i ate a lot today.
but a new plan is coming.
since a new month is arriving!
its almost the end of another terrible year!

so lets assume im still 140.
my goal for the end of this year is 132.

the plan:
wake up: 630 am.
630-7ish: take walk/run; do crunches, squats, swims, backwards pushups, and sides.
7ish-730: get ready; drink tea; piece of fruit.
735: smoke. (optional--- if not, sleep in a bit)
745-4: school. (lunch = salad)
430: snack
6/7/8: dance/gym depending on the day.
[[M: ballet at 6; T: gym; W: jazz at 7; Th: hip hop at 8; F: none; S&S: gym]]
11: sleep.
[[weekends have exceptions to waking up and sleeping and such.]]

now the problem with this plan is that i will have to be very harsh with myself on waking up, and i have to find some sort of punishment.
morning exercises: 100 crunches, 25 squats, 10 swims, 15 backwards pushups, and 10 sides.
thats one rep, but i dont have any more time,
and this is only for this week,
ill up it next week based on this week, and the waking up shabang.

eating goals:
-i want to see how long i can go without junk. starting today [[7pm]]
-eat as little as possible, obviously.
-more water.

exercise goals:
-stick to the plan.

so im thinking im definitly gonna do this, ayye.
132 here i come!

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  1. good luck!
    sounds like a busy busy schedule, you can definitely get to 132, if not less following this plan